Designed for fighting

For 70 years we have dedicated all our energies to study and develop the most advanced technologies and materials to design and manufacture the highest quality products for improving the athletes performances. 


Our experience dedicated to innovation and quality. 

Starting from a deep performance analysis of the Leone PRO Team professional fighters, our research lab is able to design, project and develop new products especially focused on details that can set our brand as a point of reference on our market. Our goals are: to study professional fighters performances in order to better understand their needs; to select always new kinds of materials and technical solutions which can increase athletes performances; to identify the most qualified companies and manufacturers in the world to get the highest quality materials; to combine all type of athletes needs, from professionals to beginners, to develop the largest lineup of products possible; to promote and enlarge the fighting and combat sports diffusion based on the highest levels of athletic and technical preparation; constant communication with the worldwide highest ranked schools and organizations in order to have continuous feedbacks on our goods.